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(Temporary) Benefits of Temporary Tattoos Vs Real Ones

Temporary tattoos are a fun alternative to permanent ink. Unlike permanent tattoos, these temporary designs are washable, and can last for up to several weeks. Many temporary tattoos are hand painted or drawn using water-soluble dyes. These designs can be removed easily, and are especially convenient for parties. Some temporary tattoos look like stickers or decals that adhere to the skin using a glue. Temporary tattoos can also be used to decorate household items such as eggs, pumpkins, and Christmas tree ornaments. 

In order to apply a temporary tattoo, you must prepare your body and skin for the process. Make sure your skin is dry and free of hair, as this will interfere with the stencil's placement. You may use a piece of tape to hold it in place, but if that doesn't work, try a smoother surface. You can also remove a temporary tattoo by rubbing it with warm water or baby oil. 

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